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By William T. Kenny

What if you discovered that the world you live in, the world you take for granted as solid and fixed, is anything but that?


What if you discovered you did not have free will but you were really a prisoner of a collective reality?


Follow Andy’s journey through a world that controls his environment and shapes his matter. A terminal illness drives him to seek an alternate life; what he discovers is a quantum realm that always existed but was previously beyond his perception. Andy develops the ability to see and interact with an energetic system and learns his medical condition is not what he was told it was. Confronted with the reality of his former life, he is forced to delve deep into the heart of an uncompromising world.

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William T. Kenny was formally trained in medicine and is a practicing radiologist. He has a strong interest in physics and wrote The Conscious Whole to reflect how theories and laws of physics may interact with the present medical paradigm, which does not account for the peculiar laws of the subatomic world. His writing blends a fictional story with scientific theories while transporting the reader on a journey through increasingly abstract worlds, bridging our current worldview with that of the future.

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Excerpt from The Conscious Whole

"Truth may be found by visiting Mirror Lake; it lies over the pass, nestled in

a valley of newborn growth that never ages; the path is dark and dangers
lurk off the trail, but every being must travel there once to find their truth


Mirror Lake shows but does not tell; Mirror Lake points but does
not blame; Mirror Lake carries the burden of knowing but not being
able to speak; all beings know the journey to Mirror Lake must precede
transformation, but not all beings choose to look into the mirror"

Copyright © 2018 by William T. Kenny

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The Conscious Whole

Available in paperback and e-book (Kindle and Nook)

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by R. Brad Abrahams

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"Whether you love sci-fi, adventures, alternative medicine, or concrete evidence-based science, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. It follows the life of an ordinary man who discovers that the world as he knows it is only a small portion of reality. Thought clouds, auras of emotion, theories on why we hold lost loved ones so close to our souls is something that most people might not consider having a scientific, mathematical explanation through PHYSICS! 

While this book does reference many scientific theories and ideas, they are twisted in a fictional story that makes it easy to understand and feel like you are living in this world the author has created.

If you enjoy the magical worlds of Harry Potter and Stranger Things, and the eery but looming dystopia of 1984 or V for Vendetta....this book is a must read."

- Amy M.

"William T. Kenny's novel The Conscious Whole is a story of unshakeable hope and the potential for transformative change. In this novel, the key to change, to be able to choose from infinite possibilities in life, is based on quantum and string theories in physics. Andy Fergus is a science teacher in the Conscious Whole, a world of conformity. Every aspect of the life of every individual is connected to and controlled by the collective Conscious Whole, which has become a separate entity. When Andy is diagnosed with a genetic illness, he has no hope of healing. He escapes to explore the unknown before he dies. In his journey, he finds hope and healing through two guides, Jeremy and Russell, who teach him about infinite quantum realities and string energies. Andy receives the gift of healing from Russell. He returns to the Conscious World to bring hope and healing. But his mission becomes difficult and dangerous as the collective Conscious Whole fights ferociously against change. 

"I enjoyed William T. Kenny’s novel The Conscious Whole very much for its central theme of hope and for the intriguing way through which Kenny links the quantum and string theories to healing and change. I loved the vivid images, metaphors, and dialogues that Kenny uses for Andy's journey, both physical and abstract. I could 'visualize' in my own mind Andy’s experiences as he learns of the deeper nature of quantum realities, of crossing abstract bridges to bring back string energies for healing. In contrast, the Conscious Whole is a black cloud with pervasive and pernicious snake-like fingers that penetrate all matter, resetting atoms, molecules, and DNA to maintain conformity. The pace, action, and tension rise dramatically when Andy challenges with tremendous tenacity and courage to change the Conscious Whole’s conformity. A fascinating tale, and one that left me curious to know more about the subatomic world and medicine."


-Saifunnissa Hassam, Readers' Favorite, 5 stars


"Part fiction, part science, part philosophy, part metaphysics, THE CONSCIOUS WHOLE by William T. Kenny explores the effects of consciousness on Reality: both individual consciousness and mass.
     As main character Andy Fergus attempts to deal with a disease medical experts claim will inevitably lead to muscle, nerve, organ deterioration and his death, THE CONSCIOUS WHOLE by William T. Kenny inspires readers to begin mulling what alternatives to such dire predictions might exist. New scientific frontiers like quantum physics and string theory posit that "Reality" is really just an infinite stream of possibilities that snap into full form and function upon conscious attention-observation-choice being placed upon one possibility/probability or another. If this is true, then by reasonable deduction statements such as "It's genetic, there's nothing I can do about it" must logically be false. Thus begins Andy's odyssey into discovering just what an error-laden hold mass consciousness - i.e. the ever self-reinforcing thoughts of the Collective Whole-have upon not only humanity, but also upon the very nature of "Reality" itself.

     When one believes in a firmly fixed, matter-based "Reality", just a single misplaced nucleotide is enough to guarantee death. With a change in perception however, no "reality" is irreversible. In a world full of ills, one would of course hope that every bit of consciousness there is would throw its full weight of support behind such hope-inducing revelation. But learning from a variety of guides as he endeavors to heal himself and begin healing others, Andy swiftly discovers this is not the case. The Conscious Whole has long-reaching, matter-altering tentacles everywhere...and It prefers things just the way they are. Yet if individual human consciousness collectively is what makes up the Conscious Whole of this dimension's reality, than surely we have the right (and even the responsibility?) to recreate patterns that now seem to be holding humanity captive. With knowledge and conscious intent,what has been programmed can be reprogrammed in a different direction.

     Character development across the board within this novel could go a bit deeper, but overall this is a well-crafted, fascinating story,accompanied by an extensively thorough bibliography at book's end for readers who would like to dive into the unique premise further.
     Gripping-especially for readers who have enjoyed the study of metaphysical subjects previously-the text of the well-researched THE CONSCIOUS WHOLE by William T. Kenny is well worth, not just a read, but also time set aside for some serious esoteric pondering."


-C.S. Holmes for IndieReader

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THE CONSCIOUS WHOLE by William T. Kenny is an amazing science fiction/fantasy novel about what it would be like if our world wasn't what we thought. This novel is thought-provoking and intriguing. The reader cares about the characters right away. The author understands the right tone and voice for his genre. People who love science fiction will want to dive in right away. The footnotes add to the novel's weight, but they can be ignored or read as the casual reader prefers. I hope readers will take advantage of the author's hard work, though, because it's clear by his efforts that he cares about his story and his readers. This novel is intriguing in its exploration of human nature, but is approachable so either the serious or casual reader will appreciate the story. All in all, a great read for the aficionado.

     The book cover is stunning and eye-catching. The illustration is well done and appropriate. The story is explained well on the back cover. The stakes are high and the reader is curious as to what will happen to Andy.

     The author photo is good, as is his bio. I appreciated learning why he wrote the story. I would have liked to see endorsements from other novelists in the genre as well.

     Readers who are serious about the genre will appreciate the story. The author takes the reader through a complex, intriguing situation with a range of emotions. No reader of this story will remain untouched.

-Judge, 27th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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